Earth Day - Kyra prepares the soil to plant

Tips to Enjoy Earth Day

With Earth Day quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to get out your trailer. Several events center around volunteering to plant trees, cleaning up litter, and recycling hazardous materials. With a utility trailer, you can quickly and easily transport any of these. Don’t have a trailer yet? Our single axle model at Croft Trailer Supply carries up to 3,500 pounds and our tandem axle carries up to 7,000 pounds. Don’t forget the tie-downs to keep things secured. If you really want to get fancy, Croft Trailer Supply offers special accessories like this tool rack to make your trailer work even harder.

Biking helps you go green on Earth DayMan loads up his utility trailer on Earth Day 2016

Other ways to go green on Earth Day

Trying to find other ways to go green in honor of Earth Day? Cut back on your carbon emissions by biking more often. Croft Trailer Supply carries a large selection of special bike racks that attach to your hitch, along with other accessories.


Another great way to go green is to recycle. Many cities offer curbside recycling; however, there are many recycling centers across the country if yours does not. In the Kansas City Metro area there are several options available. To list just a few, check out Langley Recycling Inc, Missouri Organic Recycling, or Midwest Recycling Center. While you could load up your trailer to transport your recyclables, a cargo carrier may be a more convenient option for those smaller loads.

Kansas City Events

If you live in the Kansas City area, there are several events around the city to join. We recommend taking a look at the celebrations from Earth Day Electronics Recycling and Shredding, Powell Gardens Earth Day Celebration, Earth Day at Lakeside Nature Center, and the Lawrence Earth Day Parade. For a list of links to various events Croft Trailer Supply is proud of, click here.