RDD3 Rapid Duck Deployment System

RDD3, The Rapid Duck Deployment System

Setting up decoys for waterfowl hunting is always a time-consuming process, which is why the team at the Outdoor Channel’s Heartland Waterfowl show began designing their own storage system. They had a vision for an easy to use system that would allow decoys to be released gradually from the back of their trailer as they set up across fields. The team created a makeshift version of a decoy deployment system, but it didn’t have the durability and features the team dreamed of. That’s why, in collaboration with our team at Croft Trailer Supply, we’re pleased to announce the RDD3, the Rapid Duck Deployment System.

Croft Trailer Supply became the official trailer sponsor for Heartland Waterfowl. The team was thrilled with their brand new, top-of-the-line enclosed trailer and aluminum car hauler, and decided that it was time to upgrade their decoy system to match. Working closely together, a rugged and durable new storage system for decoys was developed.

This Rapid Decoy Deployment System (or RDD3) is easy to use and made with high quality materials that will stand up to the harsh conditions the team faces throughout the hunting season. It is adaptable to any type of decoy spread; currently the HW team utilizes two separate systems inside their trailer to divide their decoys by type. The entire system can also be custom-fitted to any size enclosed trailer.

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How the RDD3 Works

With a simple pull of a handle, foam-padded, steel dividing rods are released from powder coated, laser cut steel tubing. These rods can be removed separately as decoys are set in the field. To prevent the rods from slipping out of place during transit, each piece of steel tubing comes with a locking pin for added security.

RDD3: The Rapid Duck Deployment System