Pedaling Paradise in KS & MO

Most of the state parks in Kansas and Missouri offer bike trails but these two we’ve heard mentioned before from actual outdoor enthusiasts and have the best reviews online. A lot of us probably grew up with our parents dragging us out to the Katy Trail in 90+ degree heat for some good, old-fashioned, “family fun” but to be honest, we think this is a perfect fall destination. The scenic views look beautiful with cooler temps and more vibrant shades of red and gold.

Kansas: Black Hawk Trail. This great biking and outdoor recreation area is only about an hour and 15 minutes away from Kansas City. It’s almost doable as an after-work ride. There are also campgrounds and other outdoor activities around Pomona Lake, there is literally an outdoor activity for anyone. Black Hawk Trail is located in the 110-Mile Park, just one of the seven parks that surround Pomona Lake. Black Hawk Trail is just one of the available bike trails at this park and all have parts of the trail that go through deep woods. The trails vary in difficulty so whether you’re beginning your journey as a cycling enthusiast or you’re a well-seasoned cycler, this trail and the trails surrounding it are perfect.

Missouri: Katy Trail State Park. It is impossible to Google search ‘biking in Missouri’ without coming across Katy Trail State Park. Possibly the most famous of all Missouri State Parks is located just under an hour and a half from Kansas City. How could you not want to go on a weekend or random day off? We’re thinking about leaving work right now to go. Not only does this park have great biking, it offers a slew of other outdoor activities and amenities for nature enthusiasts and families. Your crew could easily be kept busy for days exploring the foot bridges, historic buildings, equestrian and bike trails. The great thing about Katy Trail State park is that you can plan a rigorous ride that crosses a good portion of the state of Missouri or just take a quick ride, then fill the rest of the day with other activities. It’s perfect for families, history-lovers, and cycling enthusiasts alike.