Hunting Season Preparations

As the leaves begin to fall, hunters in the Midwest get ready for hunting season to commence. No matter if it’s your first time hunting, or your 100th, it is always a good idea to go over your hunting season preparations before setting out.

First, it’s best to check your calendar. Determine the days you plan to hunt, making sure that you are within season for the prey to plan to hunt. Make sure any licenses or permits you will need are up to date for the state in which you plan to hunt. You’ll also want to determine where you plan on hunting, getting the proper permission to hunt on private lands, working with an outfitter, or hunting on public conservation areas. Two incredibly helpful resources are the Missouri Department of Conservation’s website and Kansas’s Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism website. Planning to go the distance for your hunting trip? Every state has its own resource for all the information you’ll need to know before you go hunting, so make sure to check them out before you go.

Your Checklist

The next step is to run through a gear checklist. This will vary depending on the animals you plan to hunt, the style of hunting you prefer, and the accommodations you have planned. Inspect your gear before you head out, and replace or repair any damaged equipment beforehand. Don’t forget your favorite camo hat either.

Hunting Season Preparations Trailer

Finally, make sure your trailer is ready for action. Check tires, bearings, and the overall structural integrity of your trailer. If you are transporting an ATV or UTV, double check your tie-down straps are free from fraying edges. If you are using an enclosed trailer, you may want to look into upgrading. For waterfowl hunters, our custom-built duck deployment system that comes with the Heartland Waterfowl Trailer makes it super easy to both store and deploy decoys. Croft can also install gun safes inside enclosed trailers to secure rifles and ammo.

Once you’ve gone over your preparations, all that’s left is to have fun on your hunting trip. How about you, what goes into your pre-hunting season checklist?

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