Frostbite 2016

Kansas Rocks Recreation Park

Croft Trailer Supply recently took part in some off-roading fun at Kansas Rocks Recreation Park (KRRP). The park first opened to the public in early August, 2003. This year Croft Trailer Supply is proud to announce its first sponsorship of the park through their annual Frostbite four wheeling event. KRRP is an expansive park that offers a wide variety of off-roading trails, as well as hiking, biking, and UTV trails. It was built and designed by off-roading enthusiasts that saw a need for a recreational place for off-roaders in Kansas. Only an hour and a half outside of Kansas City, KRRP is a perfect day-trip destination for 4×4 fans.

KRRP is located just south of Mapleton, KS and is open year-round on weekends. For specific park hours, visit the KRRP website. The park will close due to weather conditions or special events from time to time, so make sure to check their schedule of events when planning a trip out to the park.

KRRP’s 2016 Kansas Rock’s Frostbite

Over the weekend of February 27, 2016 Croft Trailer Supply was one of the proud sponsors for KRRP’s 2016 Kansas Rock’s Frostbite. A few of our employees even participated in the event. The video below shows a small part of our staff’s trek through the park (sped up for time). This year’s Frostbite drew record breaking numbers, and the perfect weather ensured that a great time was had by all. At the end of the day KRRP held a raffle, in which over $30,000 in prizes were given away. After such a fantastic event, the icing on the cake was announced: the park was making an additional land acquisition of 130 acres that will soon be open for four wheeling adventures. Thank you Kansas Rock’s Recreational Park for having us out this year, we will be back!