Customer Satisfaction for the Holidays

Customer, Chuck N. purchased a small custom built trailer to tow behind his 1931 Model A Ford Phaeton for special events and tours. He added a 1.25 ” hitch to the Model A and a straight 2″ ball mount. When he went to hook up the trailer for the first time in preparation for decorating for the City of Fort Worth Parade of Lights (held on the Friday after Thanksgiving) he realized the ball was 5″ too low for the trailer to essentially sit level during the towing. Since the Parade of Lights was a week away he searched locally at many trailer supply and retail stores and no one had a 1.25″ ball mount with a 5″ rise. In visiting with a friend Ed W., who is owner of Taylor Rentals in Fort Worth, Ed pulled out his Croft Trailer Supply catalog and immediately identified the needed ball mount. Chuck went to the internet, ordered the ball mount and it arrived the day before Thanksgiving just in time for the parade on Friday. By having the trailer attached at the correct level condition it allowed the car and trailer to stand out as a much admired addition to the parade.

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