Volunteering at the Irish Fest

Croft Trailer Supply encourages fostering community in our hometown. Irish Fest is the perfect example of that for one of our new employees.

Meet Dustie Mejia, a new Croft Trailer Supply Employee

Our new Croft Trailer Supply employee, Dustie Mejia, encourages community at the Kansas City Irish Fest. Irish Fest 2014, located in Kansas City’s Crown Center district begins August 29, 2014 and ends August 31, 2014. The Irish Fest has plenty of entertainment for the whole family with bands, comedians, heritage workshops, contests and a feis, an Irish dance competition. The festival’s family and community centered atmosphere attracts thousands of participants and depends on upwards of 1,500 volunteers every year. Dustie sits on the Finance Committee that manages the festival. Also, this is her 5th year volunteering at the fest. As a result, she is very excited for the festival this year, and is proud of the festival’s growth since its beginning 12 years ago.

More on Kansas City’s Irish Fest

Musical experiences at the festival include a wide range of Gaelic and Celtic music, like the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and The Elders. Tickets are available for both individuals and groups. If you are interested in attending the Irish Fest or would like to learn about volunteer opportunities, go to www.kcirishfest.com.